Back Armor



Is there anyone who can recommend how to aquire the piece of back armor that is essential to the suit?
Depends what you want it made of.

There's a seller that regularly sells whole sets of Sintra armor on ebay, and also does the back plate on it's own (also in sintra). They go for, like, $20 - $30.

I've asked them a couple of times and they don't ship to the UK, which is a complete pain in the backside, as it's the bit that I need :facepalm

Failing that, there are several good prop makers who will make them from Vac formed plastic or fibreglass. Search and you shall find.

Hope this helps.

I have this piece as part of a set from an ebay member.

He sells the parts separately too.

email me your email addresses and I'll email you back his email address. Email, Email, Email, Email.... :eek:

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