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Hi! Although I've been lurking in the shadows for a while now, I've had yet to produce anything for my Boba costume except for the rotj blaster. I just printed WOF's templates for the helmet and the jetback, and will be starting on the jet pack come weekend. I do need some tips on the relation between the back armor and the jet pack, especcially how hot it can get when trooping with them. Also, I'd like to see some pics of the back armor on, it seems to be absent on most armor threads. If someone could provide a pic from the back showing how much the back armor shows under the jet pack.
Thanks, Ville (gotta run to my job now...)
I don't have a jet pack so any pics of mine wont help. But if you skimp on the back peice, everyone's going to notice, you see it from the sides, the top and you can see it just under the pack. When it comes to heat, pretty much the only thing you can do is add fans to your helmet and modify your soft parts. Your jumpsuit for example, mine had a huge hole cut in the back of it for a mannequin, it looked like ****, but once it was hidden under a vest it looked great. I wish there was someone who made the jumpsuits with the torso section being kind of a a screen/mesh type material.
Actually I was thinking of mounting the jet pack directly on the back piece, and using the back plate to hold it in place.

I found heavy duty trashcan that had the proper dimensions, and the mounting brackets on that unit that holds it in on it's post gave me an idea for the alternative for the harness. This would mean, of course that the weight of the jet pack would rest on the back armour and the collar piece, which would have to be bolted together. Also, in addition to the mounting brackets, there are ridges on the back of the trashcan that, if left there, would provide a conduict fot ventilation through the jet pack.

All you would need to do is to cut holes in the inside of the ridge, place mesh in it, and install couple computer fans to blow air in/out from your back. The ridges and mounting brackets are quite unsightly though, but would not show under the jet pack. Here's the photo of the trashcan, from the front. I'll post some pics from the back after I can clean some space from my hard drive. I'll need to get some sleep before that, though.


Thanks, Ville
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Yeah I'm pulling an all nighter at the moment, if you're saying what I think you're saying but just connecting the back peice to the collar and having the jp attached to the backpeice, the problem is that it pulld the collar back and A) chokes you and B) looks kinda goofy
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