New Hunter
I've noticed a few different types of back armor,which one fits best? Is it the one that is just rounded at the bottom or the one that is more flat and turned in at the bottom. Does one restrict movement more than the other?
The problem is at the shoulders many makers of Mando armor do not make the shoulder curve right and it simply wont fit your back right. As for the sides the hard angle bend is what you want as it is screen used that way, you dont notice either way because of the heavily padded vest.
I just bought my back armor from Bobamaker because that was the one peice I just couldn't do myself. I made the rest of my armor out of sintra and it came out great, but like cal196 said, the bends were tough to get right on the back armor.

Bobamaker's looks great, is ready to paint when you get it and fits well. Hope that helps.
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