Autorgraphed props?


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Autographed props?

Im just curious if anyone else has had Jeremy autograph their props. This is my helmet that he autographed for me at MGM Studios during Star Wars weekends. For ome reason the color doesnt show up in the pic on the left. Its a licensed fiberglass numbered copy.

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It's the don post delux helmet, quite a nice peice and a nice auto also. I keep all my autos on photos since I wear my helmet.
Slightly off-subject, please don't be mad:
These are my signed stormtrooper helms, both TE of different ages. The left one is signed by Irvin Kershner, the right just last night by Timothy Zahn.(y) Best director, best writer, now just to get Ewan's I'll be happy.


Nice Trooper helmets!

Chris- my boba helmet is my fav. out of my Star Wars collection. I also have an Anakin pod racer, Storm Trooper, and a custom Darth Maul mask. I geek out on Star Wars.:lol:

Well you've come to the right board to find Fett geeks. :lol:

I have a copy of Jeremy Bulloch's book that he autographed. It was a limited run of 2,000 copies and the number he gave me was my 501st "TK number". That's pretty cool I thought.
I've got Jeremy's sig on the stock of my ROTJ blaster. It's on the side I hold toward my body so it normally isn't visible when I'm wearing the costume, but I know it's there.
Just a thought, but arent any of you guys worried about troopin with signed parts? I mean, for instance, batninja's shoulder bell sig, I would be afraid of rubbing up against something and ruining it. Just my thought.

I got Jeremy to sign this armor display I did up for a charity auction.
Not sure why he signed the cloth instead of one of the plates but it was an honour to have him sign my work.

Best things about it:

1) He was honestly one of the nicest andmost genuine people I have EVER met.

2) One of my friends in the local Fan Force bought it so it went to a good home and $$$ was generated for charity. :cheers

Well here's mine, it's posted elsewhere on here, but what the hey.


I won this in an auction last year at a rather special SW event at the National space centre. I was quite chuffed when Jeremy squinted at me and asked if we'd met before. It was mentioned we'd apppeared in a film <a nifty little fan film> together but he shook his head. Turns out he remembered me from the premiere of Episode 3 in Leicester square, where i was in the press pit snapping away. Genuinely a nice guy and very down to earth. I'm hoping to catch up with him this year and hopefully get one on my Fett Helmets signed too.
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