Attaching Welders Liner to FG Helmet


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Ok, I know some of you guys have done it.
What is the best way to attach the welders liner into your bucket? I purchased a welders visor for my M_S Enigma today as well as the head gear.
I would like to know how you have done yours and if possible please post some pics to help give a better idea.

Thank You
I used hot melt glue to attach the welders visor inside my M_S Enigma. Works like a charm. I haven't gotten to the liner yet. I've just started painting it.
Yea, I bought the visor and was definately going to hot glue that bad boy in for its ease of use. And so I can leave some areas where the air can get through so it doesn't fog but I really want to know about the liner.
Ok, scratch the welders liner. I put it inside the helmet last night to see how it will fit and the adjustable knob in the back of the liner makes my face too close to the front of the helmet.
In other words, I would have to fold my nose in half to fit it in the bucket with the liner in there. I guess it is on to lining it with foam. LOL
Hmmm, that is a good idea too. I do like the comfort of the liner, I was just worried about my "Gonzo" Nose psmeared againsed the visor! LOL
My liner is velcroed into the helmet and I played with how it sits in there so that my nose is as far away from the visor as possible.
i got 4 plastic screws with bolts from lowe's and some super strength crazy glue for plastics. I cut the heads off the bolts and drilled holes in the backside of the helmet where the visor was going in.

I glued the ends of the screws and pushed them inside the holes in the helmet. Cut and measured the visor and drilled all the holes out.

After cuting the visor just right I poped it in and lined the screws threw the visor then attacked the bolts. very sturdy and Max air flow.
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