Attaching Spikes to Toeplate on JW Boots

TK Fett

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Ok guys I think more people will see this thread than the old boot thread.

What I need to know is how are people attaching their spike to their toeplates. Do you screw them in through the little holes or epoxy them. If you use screws what kind and where did you get them.

Any other suggestions?
I actually "Plastic Welded" them on but I took the heads off of screws and glued them to the spikes to make it look like I screwed them on.
I got my screws at a local hardware store they were long and the with of the holes of the spikes.I made my own toe plates out of sheet metal''I glued 2 layers of sheeet metal for each toe plate,to make them look a little thick and for strenght.
I also screwed everything right thrue ''no glue'' was needed.
I found some screws at my local hardware store that fit in the holes in the spike but 4 out of the 8 screws broke while I was screwing them in. That doesn't help hold the spikes on much but it does eliminate the screw head showing. I also used a flat aluminum bar from the hardware store to make the plate and it worked perfect.

How can I get the broken screws out, what kind/type of screw should I use (these were steel wood screws), would JB Weld be better?

HHMM strange these screws broke off on you. JB weld nah.. I suggest use a glue called ''SEAL ALL'' it comes in a yellow tube and works like magic for everything .Beleive me it will work for your toeplates. Any hardware store should have it or any Home Depot.
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