attaching boot armor

attaching boot armor??

anyone have an old thread on attaching jango boot armor? i have the snaps for the back,but do you use velcro at he front? and does the armor have to move with the foot motion(floating?)if that makes any sense:facepalm

Jimmy BufFETT

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You've got some interesting questions there. I just used the snaps in the back of the boots to attach the shoe armor. I was considering adding velcro to the front of the boot just in case the armor slid around, but I never experienced any real problems with that happening.

But now that you mention it, I don't know if adding velcro to hold it in place would be a good idea. I'd think the armor would slide around the shoe when walking occurs. If the armor was strong enough, I'd imagine it would make walking a little difficult. If it wasn't strong enough, it would probably break.

Jango 5204

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Mine is just snapped. It flexes with the boot because it's mounted with black elastic. Be sure to cover that snap with black leather.


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..after trying to add some snaps on my reinone's i hit a problem. the leather on the heel is to thick and the lower part of the snap is to short :eek:(
now i'm thinking to fix the upper part with rivets..... ?
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I think it depends on the shoes/boots you are using & the foot armor you have. I had a pair of Bed Stu Lunars before my Reinones' & they were a lace up shoe with the corect sole. I added a pair of short gaiters to make them look like the correct boot & I used snaps to attach my armro to the gaiters. The gaiters had a hook that would hook to the front lace & keep the foot armor into the corect position without flipping up.

Skalen Fehl

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I took my reinone boots to my local leather guy a couple years ago with some pre-sewn elastic cording. He took small black leather pieces and attached them around the elastic with heavy duty snaps. Then he used his heavy duty snap gun or whatever the heck they're called to attach the other half to the boot heels. Voila.


The other end of the elastic cords have velcro that go underneath the boot armor.


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..yes, i was running on some (very) old shoemakers here on my city. but they don't have any "heavy duty snaps". maybe i have to go a run in the country.
thx skalen, i already hadn't believe in...