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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by bobamaker, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. bobamaker

    bobamaker Active Member

    Just finished attaching my chest armour to the vest. i used steel eyelets, as can be seen on the ILM props. i bought the eyelets from a 'Hobbycraft' store, they are very easy to attach, everything is included in the pack except a hammer.

    You can trace around your own armour onto cardboard for a template, but make sure that you keep the same curvature or the holes in your jacket won't line up with the bolts on your armour when finished.

    Just a note: If you wish to troop in your armour you will need to cut off any excess bolt when finished (a dremel will do the job), get the bolt as short as possible so it won't dig into you.










  2. mrgr8ness

    mrgr8ness Active Member

  3. Dark Amon

    Dark Amon Active Member

    good job Daz !
    i search how i fix my bobamaker armor on my flak jacket now i see the answer ! but can i fix the bolt without maked a hole ?
  4. Jimmy BufFETT

    Jimmy BufFETT Well-Known Member

    Very good idea, DAZ!

    Got a question for people trooping in the armor. After walking around and putting the armor on and off for multiple events, there may be chance one of the bolts may come loose. Would you recommend using a thread-locker (like medium strength lock-tight) to prevent this from happening?
  5. MandalorFett

    MandalorFett Well-Known Member

    Using a dab of hot glue on the end would keep it fastened and provide a little cushion from the bolt head.
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  6. never ending fett

    never ending fett Active Member

    Great Idea! And I really like your addition of the hot glue MandaloreFett, just peel the glue off when you need to and reglue it. Hot glue's cheap. I think this is the route i'll end up going.
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  7. NovallTalon

    NovallTalon Well-Known Member

    Awesome tutorial Daz!
  8. Keegan

    Keegan Community Staff

    Great job Daz! I have been meaning to do a tutorial on this forever.

    If anyone is curious, I know how to make it with a pretty accurate pattern for attachment, and many other things too if anyone is intrested.

    Can't wait to see your finished costume!
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  9. Seven

    Seven Active Member

    Really nice to see this method being so nicely laid out. If anyone asks, this is the way to go. Thank you BM!:cheers
  10. Fetthunter

    Fetthunter Well-Known Member

    Or, you could use a cap nut. It screws on, and has a rounded head. No mess, and it doesn't dig into you. Drop of Loctite Threadlocker, and you're good to go! ;)
  11. dung0beetle

    dung0beetle Active Member

    Why would you need to take your armor off?:confused;):p
  12. bobamaker

    bobamaker Active Member


    Try these, they're called "locking end caps" or "star washers" these will be perfect :) These won't come off whilst trooping.


  13. mandalore697

    mandalore697 Active Member

    Great tutorial Daz, I'll definitely be doing this for my armour.....

    ...just when I think I'm done, something else comes along!!
  14. Mojo Fett

    Mojo Fett Well-Known Member

    Great tutorial Daz... (y)
  15. never ending fett

    never ending fett Active Member

    after hours of trooping in the heat wearing (maybe) a t-shirt, then the jumpsuit, then the padded vest, then a layer of some sort of plastic or other hard material to hold in the heat and the vest is bound to get stinky. If not you could end up spilling something on it or having someone spill something on you.
  16. Mojo Fett

    Mojo Fett Well-Known Member

    I think DB was being sarcy... ;) :lol:
  17. dung0beetle

    dung0beetle Active Member

    I couldn't find the sarcasm smiley...
  18. SaxeCoburg

    SaxeCoburg Active Member

    That's cool... I more or less did the same with the grommets on my ESB Boba. What I like is I can get the vest really tight up against the back of the armour, no gap like I had with snaps or velcro
  19. Ronin677

    Ronin677 Well-Known Member

    Just when i needed a better method, you come up with the goods :). Thanks Daz (y)

    oh the new method will work wonders with some new armour i am about to order :lol: expect the order any day soon daz
  20. shabad

    shabad Active Member

    Great method Daz, I think I'll upgrade to this with my current armor even before I upgrade to my newer armor. I also really like your tutorial method, very easy to follow.
  21. mixmastermace

    mixmastermace Member

    What about those of us that don't have resin copies of our armor lying around? :)

    How do you mark the holes in that case? Or do you just make paper/cardboard copies?
  22. younginfett

    younginfett Member

    looks nice Daz i used the good ol snap method and that worked well but this is great
  23. mandosoldier

    mandosoldier Member

    How would I make resin copies? anyway to do it with stuff around the house?

  24. never ending fett

    never ending fett Active Member

    How do you go about this with the collar and back armor bolts? What I mean is do you have a seperate attachment point for the collar armor to the vest that is different from where the collar and back armor connect with the "keyboard key" bolts/studs. And following this same train of thought, when you are attching the backplate you can't really use this method can you? How could you screw it on once the vest is on you? Would you just use velcro or snaps then on the back along with the bolts/studs?

    I hope I made this clear...not sure how best to ask this...i'll wait to attach the collar and back until I get that all figured out i guess.
  25. mandosoldier

    mandosoldier Member

    the collar should overlap with the backplate, therefore you can make the studs into bolts themselves. This way you can bold on the cape and have a hinge like atachment, the rest of it is snaps or velcro.

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