As a complete rookie

Looks like a '97, which is the least accurate and most mishapen helmet out there. Some people have managed to make their '97s look really good, but it takes ALOT of work. If you're going to start with a DP bucket, I'd suggest trying to track down a '95, or atleast a '96. Plus, that one in your link is way over priced.
If you're going to skimp on any part of the suit, the helmet should NOT be it. The least you should settle for is a 95 Don Post, but they run kind of undersized. Personally, I would use the search feature because some of our board members provide great helmets at reasonable prices. And I concur... the 97 Don Post in that auction is overpriced.
Thank you all for your responses. Unfortunately my girlfriend was on the same mental link as myself and ended up purchasing an "early" Christmas present for me. Time to get my smiling and happy face as I will tend to look to the forums for assistance with fixing the DP 97. I already started searching for ways to fix what is inevitably going to arrive broken.

Again much appreciation.

If it does arrive broken it would'nt surprise me at all, I speak from personnal experience of the e-bayer..

Hope the purchase is hassle is free :)

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