Armor sizing?


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Hey I have some pics of my cardboard mock-up armor, and I want you guys to give me opinions on the size.The armor pieces always look small to me, so I placed them against my temporary jumpsuit to see what they look like, and to get you guys 2 cents. Also I would like to get what deminsions y'all use for your armor.

thank you
I think that would be hard to say because I would personally try to match the armor to your specific body. Best thing to do wear the suit, attach the mock up armor, take a pic and adjust the size as needed. That is what I had to do.
My armor had the proper length but was way too wide for my body so I trimmed it to size and now it's much more proportionate to my body.
Take one set of armor... have one person wear it who is 6'1" then let another person wear the same set who is 5'4", see what I mean?
Otherwise what you are doing is a good idea with the mock up armor.. I didn't have that and had to use my only set!
Well What I did too get my orginal mock up armor specs, was I took deminsions from my 12inch jango, got my heigh 6'2-6'3, set up a proportion, and voila I had my sizing. Who says Movies don't encourage learning? I need more opinions before I redo my mockups, keep'em coming :D
You guys are correct about making your armor to fit your body size . I made mines to fit the contour of my body and size. Ofcourse I did use reference photos to make everything look as close as possible to the original real stuff.
Well Guys, I called around to my local sign shops and I found two places. One sells Sintra, but is out of it right now, and the other sells this plastic called Chloroplast ( sp?). The guy said I can get a 4'x 8'sheet for $12, and that the stuff is green and easy to shape. Do you guys think this would be worth checking out? Has anyone heard of this stuff?

* I just found out it's the same stuff used in those yard signs... Im still wondering about it though
Hmmm... I never heard of Chloroplast plastic and have no experience with it so I honestly cannot say. If it's really inexpensive you may want to give it a shot that way if it doesn't work you are only out your purchase price, otherwise if you are not sure then you can just wait for the Sintra to be back in stock.
If Chloroplast plastic is relatively easy to work with I would at least give it a try as long as it has some strength to it.
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