Armor size for short people


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I have had sintra armor that I made a year ago. But I would like to purchase some fiberglass armor from one of the great makers here this board. My concern is that I am short. 5'6" to be exact. I have an average build. I am wondering if the fiberglass armor will be too big? Should I just stick with my sintra? Any other vertically challenged people out there that can answer.

I think this is something you have to ask the makers, most of the people I've talked to make armor according to their own body. However some people have mannequins to model on.
I love my Sintra armour, I think it works great, but you could always get an upgrade, BobaMaker makes some of the best, but it will be a shot to your wallet though..
I agree- I'm only just 5' 7", and heres my boba-



As long as your armour looks good, so will your Boba!! And Boba was one of the shorter characters anyway dude!!!
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