Armor shape


i plant on useing sintra to make my armor. but im not really sure how to get it the correct shape? do i just use my own judge ment?


no way dude!!!!

what i did for mine was i got a nice dead on shot of the armor. Then i measured out all of the sides on the picture. Then i kinda eye balled the armor, i saw that a certain side would be in a certain spot on my body. I then measured how long i would want it to be on my body. The rest is math, say that one side on the picture is an inch long, the part you want on ur body is 6 inch long, that means that you multiply all the sides on the picture by 6. If the pictuer was 2 inch long and the same side was 6 inches on ur body then u would multiply all the sides by 3. Do you get what i mean? if not i will glady explain it more.

Then ther are the angles, just measure the angle on the paper, then transfer them to the real amor. ANgles never change no matter the size.

I believe that the armor is cut all from one solid piece, meaning that you can put all the pieces together like a puzzle (im not sure about that tho, its how it turned out with my armor)

Be sure to do it all on poster board first, then test it out, then work with the syntra. Good luck!!
Pretty much yeah , use your own judgement. Their are some blueprints available here, just check the old threads you should find a link wich can get you started. Stick around someone should post something for you or piont you to the right direction.
No, Jim. Good question. The armor is slightly concave/convex. With sintra, it seems as though most here have heated the piece in a pot of hot water, and shaped it on themselves while wearing a t-shirt(oddly enough, they say the sintra won't burn you).

Try looking around for a suitable printable set of blueprints and adjust them to your size/frame. The reference CD is the best source for the proper "look", and can be found in Secol Fett's signature here on the board.

None of this stuff is for sale, obviously. ;) ;) ;) ;)
i got a question...

is the chest amor (belly, pecs, and collar) all cut from one piece? meaning that they were all connected once? Because it thats true you kinda only need one chest piece, from that u can make the other and the blly and collar.
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