Armor pieces

I think the dinner table mats would not work because they would be too thin. But if you could pull it off and it looked right, it would rock because you would be really flexible. Goodluck on your quest, and don't be afraid to ask!
Actually, i think placemats would work. and what about floor tiles? my mom came up with the idea (She's good at thinking idea's!)
Expanded PVC is the best cheap way to go. for about $50 bucks I bought enought to do two sets of armor, the primer, cutting blades, sandpaper and rub-n-buff. The Expanded PVC was about $35 btw
i don't know. i think 50 bucks is to much. I'm looking for ways to make it under 20 bucks. and note, i change my username to qman101 (????????)
The lowest budget method I've heard of is using plastic buckets. If you go any lower in price than that we're talking about cardboard.
Well the $50 was broken down this way.

$15 - for cutting blade, primer, sand paper, and the Rub-n-buff (these will need for no matter what you use as a base for the armor. you may have to add or sub out item depending what you armor is made out of.)

Each 2' x 2' sheet of expanded PVC was about $4.38 I bought 8 sheets (about $35). You only need 4.

Unless you have all the detail supplies, they will cost about $15 leaving you $5 to find base armor material. The devil is always in the details and so is a alot of the cost if you are just starting out.
cavie2002 said:
you just rub then rub then rub then rub, then atfer your done you rub followed by a little rub, then finally rub
wow thank you that was very in-depth and helpful how could i ever repay you omg
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