Armor paint scheme difference in ROTJ an ESB


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I do not want a bashin ROTJ vs ESB thread I just want to know the difference in the chest armor paint schemes. anyone know?
I know the difference between the armor in the two movies, they were both used for different films. :lol: 8) man I feel cool. Look at my shades, cool.
can ya share the wealth of info. I have a combo of parts and need to decide ESB or ROTJ I need to either make changes to my guantlets or color scheme on my armor.
ESB is the hard core Green Militant style hard core fett

ROTJ is the girly colorfuly rainbow style fett

Hope that helps.

(Just kidding ROTJ fans)

Well, if you are going for just markings, the dents and scratches, here are two pics. Not the best, but you can see some differences.


Actually those pics helped quite a lot as far as where the scratches and dents are Thanks. and it helps me solve a few probs as far as which conversions I would need to make.
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