armor advice?



It's been awhile because I haven't had internet access since I moved (got Verizon FiOS now :lol: )

Anyway, I was able to finish my custom mando over the summer. It's pretty sweet looking, but unfortunately my camera is still dead (sent it to Nikon, they broke it even worse, and sent it back to us...). My question now is this...I want to make a sweet looking costume/armor whatever thing, but I don't want it to cost any more than $150, and nothing that involves melting plastic. It doesn't even have to be Star Wars, even though we all know Star Wars is the best. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Tommy D.

-Really? I can't seem to find it. I already have made a custom mando, I'm looking for another one to make.
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Oh the Sarlacc Pit is still here. I would say use sintra my friend. Cut it yourself and then paint it up all nice and custom mandoy.
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