Boots Anyway to gain height?


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Hello all TDH peeps!

So, I stand at 5'10" on a good day, but would like to stand 6' (without the helmet on) while wearing a Boba Fett outfit. My question is, is there a way to add 1-2" inches in height? My only idea would be the boots, such as a thicker sole or inserts. Anyone have ideas? Thanks!

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Inserts would probably be the way to go. With the helmet on you could add padding at the top which would give a bit more neck.


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deathproof has right, there are only this 2 ways..but adding padding could be difficult because you perhaps lose view


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5'10" is a great size for Fett! Bulloch is listed as 6' but I've seen so many photos of him next to people I know aren't much over 6' and Jeremy is definitely shorter. Yeah, we shrink with age... but not that many dang inches :D I'm thinking with shoes/boots he's 6', but unless he was squatting when he was looking up at Vader... he's like 5'10.

Yeah, inserts. I use a bunch when I throw on Vader. footinsole 3-Layer Air up Height Increase Elevator Shoes Insole Lift Kit - 6 cm (approximately 2.5 inches) Heels Inserts for Men and Women: Health & Personal Care
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The ones BZB posted are good, or something similar. You can find others on E-bay from China that are in expensive. I am 5'9" and i use lifts in my boots to get me to 5'10" I also agree with BZB about the height. I beleive ive seen that Jeremy was 5'11" during filming, so possibly 6' with the boots. But im quite happy at 5'10" Heres a pic of my with Jeremey to figure the height. Looks to me like he'd be about 6' since im at 5'10" with my boots/lifts



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Great, thanks everyone! Nice picture by the way, Darth Vorhees! If you add inserts, do you run out of room for your feet in the boots? Should I order a size bigger boots to make room for the inserts?


Or there's always this:


Probably won't want to wear the jetpack for a while after though.

Just kidding. The lifts are a great idea. I've always wondered how much room is given up on the interior when using lifts. Or my understanding of how they work may be incorrect.

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Jeremy is definitely 5'10" I were minimalist shoes so basically 1/8" next to nothing. And I'm still a bit taller. With a helmet with padding in it or suspension in it it'll make you a bit taller as well. I'll play the my pic with jeremey game too!

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So, how much lift can you get away with in a pair of MoW boots that fit relatively well? I'm 5 foot 8.5 inches tall and was thinking of getting to 5'10".

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I wear a 9.5 or 10 boot/sneaker depending on the make. I got a size 11 MOW boot and i have 1.5" lifts in them with no issues.

Geez your like exactly the same height and build Aaron lol!

what have a started with the pics of us with Jeremy LOL!

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Still... You look great in your biker and your pilot, but I think this suits you more :)

It'll all happen again soon enough!

Thanks man! Yea, i guess you can see it in my face how much i like my Fett..though standing next to Jeremy helps a bit too haha!

Now that i have the jetpcks going im slowly pieceing together mine and thats all i need to be able to troop my Fett again.

Heres a pic of me at the same event (no weapons event ..bah!) with the helmet on...

Now....sorry about the yea Lifts..they work! lol


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When I met JB some years ago he was about my height and I'm a healthy six footer (meaning I'm not quite six one and too proud to say six foot and half an inch). My dad is 70, the same age as JB. He's now barely 5'6" but was a good 5'9" as a younger man. I have no doubt JB was once a six footer even if he isn't now.

When I dressed up as vader a few years ago I used internal lifts inside the boots which themselves had a standard one inch heel. That got me to about 6'3" with the helmet bringing me to about 6'6" which was good enought. Piling on the muscle to fill the suit was more work than any other part of the build. The one thing I will say about lifts is they gave me some gnarly back pains with that heavy costume on and if the OP is already 5'10" it might be just as well to go for it as it is.