Anyone waiting on a Skygunbro bucket? - a public retraction

Jodo Kast 2749

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I have been expecting one of his amazing fibreglass recasts for what seems like forever.

Anyone else in waiting or is it just me?
Anyone seen or heard from him?


I sent him a PM about interest in the upcoming CD about a week and a half ago and got nothing back yet.

I hope you get your bucket soon..
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He still has`nt gotten back to you yet?


Have you PM`d him again?

If you want, I can flood his PM box or just email the hell out of him?
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Yet another PM sent. I know he's around 'cause he just put stuff on Ebay. (which I emailed him about)

As Dick Clark said, "If I'm wrong then I'll F$#%ing apologize but I'm out two sets of armor (approx. value $140 US), $15 US in shipping and 3 months of waiting.

Reputation is everything!
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I say just email the hell out of him.

The rest of my post has been edited due to my own stupidity.

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That seems odd that he has not gotten back to you. He always got back to me quickly. I wonder if he is ok.
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For the record, he comes across as a friendly and helpful; person. I sincerely hope this is just a bad mix-up. I really do.
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Hey I have been gone. I sent your helmet as I told you.I gave you the insurance number.As I said in pm answered today Im not sure what the deal is.
I will not and have never ripped anyone off.I understand you want your helmet and I dont blame you. Also like in the pm I will see what else I can get for numbers from the post office.There is a customs form that also has a number.Ill see if I can get that.
When you sent me your armor it took quite awhile to get to me as well but i know that was no fault of yours just because of the postal service and the package crossing borders im assuming.
I would like an update by you in this thread when you get your helmet so people reading this dont get the wrong idea.-Also feel free me at home Ill provide my number in a pm.-Jason
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Maybe your thinking of another deal you have in the works with someone else but it has NOT been 3 months you have been waiting for this helmet we just made this armor/helmet deal a few weeks back possibly a little longer.Anyway I called the post office after seeing my emails and pms here.The lady I spoke with told me that until the insurance bar code is scanned by someone it will not show up in the system on thus that is why we are receiving the "not a valid #" promt upon entering it in their system.She said once it leaves here (Barton VT) it goes to a sorting center in White river junction Vt but they do not scan the barcodes there.She said that the barcodes wouldnt be scanned until they reached canada and thats if they remember to scan them.
I will scan the original insurance ticket with the date and time stamped on it from the post office and email it to you tonight.You are also welcomed to call the post office where this was sent from and verify my response. The number is 802-525-6262 they are opened from 9:00- 4:00 EST.
I know better than anyone how much it stinks to wait for something that seems like its never coming but I assure you again I am on the level.-Jason
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Glad everything worked out with this transaction. It sucks that all of us are at the mercy of either the post office or FEDEX. I`ll be the first to apologize for that outing comment I made, that was out of line. The length of the transaction sounded worse than it actually was.
I can`t wait to see how this bucket turns out.

Again, I`m glad this all worked out.
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I just received a raw fiberglass helmet from skygunbro as well. It took a while, but that's because I told him I was in no hurry. Besides, I expected it to take longer to turn around during the holidays anyway.

He has always been more than helpful and very responsive to e-mails. He was also happy to speak with me by phone to address some of my questions when I first requested the helmet. From my experience and for what it's worth, skygunbro gets an "A" for customer service. Everyone's experiences may vary, but I've had no reason to doubt his integrity.

Joren Fett
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To my everlasting shame - the helmet arrived today. I want to publicly and sincerely apologize to Skygunbro for this misunderstanding. He is a great businessman and I am sorry to have called his integrity into question.

As for the ever-elusive bucket, it is exactly as described on his site. Only one small problem - my freakin' head is a freakin' planetoid and I have to almost screw the helmet onto my cranium. :eek:

Well, where do I go from here? Maybe I'll put my head in the dryer for an hour or two. :(
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