Anyone seen or spoken to Ruffkintoy?


Hey, Chuck, looks like you've been busy, but I know you've been on here. If you're like me you don't check every email every day, so I'm going to leave it here this time.

First of all, wow, what a thread.

Secondly, I think Chuck is going to come through for us. He's had it rough and it's hard to sometimes get back on schedule. I completely understand and won't give the guy a hard time. Besides, he needs time to finish my gauntlets! lol

Third, speaking of gauntlets - how they be coming, Chuck? PM me if you want. Thanks!


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Had my guants crushed by a craftsman tool chest. They are my 501st ruffkins totally thought I was SOL. chuck was more than helpful in hooking me up with repair parts for the guants at a more than decent price.
This will totally help me get to my troop.
Thanks You rock!!!
What would you guys do ??

Back in Febuary i posted on how my ESB gauntlets turned up from Chuck after the long winded wait ,however i did mention also the Chuck put em together with Rivets and therfore damm hard to open up or even attemp to get them on ,in other word totally useless to me what so ever :(

Tell me guys wouldnt you use hinges for your gauntlets ?

I asked Chuck why did he use rivets on my gauntlets ,his replie was that i didnt specify on my order ,What The Hell ....!!

Anyways i soon told Chuck about this whole deal on correcting my gauntlets,in which he said he would make me another set of gauntlets and recorrect them with hinges .

This has been going on for some time now and i just getting sick of the same excuses from Chuck :cry

I have sent Pm after pm to Chuck over at the hunters lair for updates but again he keeps saying he will start work on them

Now i feel like selling the gauntlets that Chuck sent me and be done with :angry

Help please guys what would you do ?? :cry
This isnt funny anymore .
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If nothing happens, you can always drill out the rivets and attach hinges yourself at least. I have the same gauntlets with rivets, and I am considering redoing them.

On another note, seems like a lot of people are experiencing delays and problems with several sellers atm. which is really sad. I hope for all parties involved that the sellers in question step up and get stuff sorted for everyone who has given them their money and trust.

My #1 rule is to always save any and all communication with the people I buy from and if all else fails and the deal goes sour, well try taking it to the police or something. Most of the sellers, as I have seen, don´t hide their full names anyway.

As people have said, killing their reputation is one thing, but that won´t get you your money back though. But again, when I buy stuff through such an insecure media as this, I have to at least accept that I may lose the money, so I always take that into account when making a purchase. I may lose it, and since I voluntarily send my cash to someone I don´t know, I accept that risk.

Just my 2 cents on the matter.


Well, here are the facts. After being more than extremely patient and nice to Ruffkintoy, this is what has happened.

He dragged me on way passed the 45 day limit I had to make a dispute with paypal, constantly telling me what I was getting was on its way soon.

He did keep pretty constant contact, although I never knew exactly from where, here, paypal, facebook, or his regular email.

Then finally the first of April he said that my gauntlets shipped.

Needless to say, I never got them and I have never gotten a response from several attempts to contact him, most recently this week.

I have been more than nice to this guy, have told him I understand if there are issues or he's having problems in his live, but at this point he has lied and taken my money with no product to show for it.

He may have been good and responsive before, but my case along with the many others in these forums goes to show what his new track record is, no matter how good it may have been before.

And, yes, I know I took a risk. Not going to argue with that. But I'm just giving the results of my risk and telling everyone else to be cautious.

I hope this helps anyone considering buying from him from the future, on this forum or any other.

All I wanted was honestly, no matter when I got the product, but when you can't even give that, the rest is expected to never come. And I'm the kind of guy that will be more patient than most, but once I'm done, I'm done.

I'm sorry it turned out this way. I've lost money and Chuck has just further damaged his reputation.

And that's all I have to say about that.


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Can anyone help me here! I paid Ruffkintoy over a year ago 700$ to build me a jet pack and gauntlets ! He promised me so often it is finished and he is going to ship it, but nothing arrived ! He answered not to my mails ! Last time i heard from him was in april ! I can't do anything from here in germany ! This sucks !


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for real!!!! ***? when i finaly did get my stuff from him, i sold it the next day. and that guy was not really impressed with the guanlets i sent him.
Can anyone help me here! I paid Ruffkintoy over a year ago 700$ to build me a jet pack and gauntlets ! He promised me so often it is finished and he is going to ship it, but nothing arrived ! He answered not to my mails ! Last time i heard from him was in april ! I can't do anything from here in germany ! This sucks !

Hey 8206 why not join the Chuck is more on there than here anyways ,seems like hes giving the guys there a hard time too on there stuff :angry
He jerked me about for months on my gauntlets till i sold em ,im done with
ruffkins now and wont buy anything from him AGAIN !!

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Actually he hasn't been on The Hunter's Lair in over a month either, so joining another message board just to contact him won't work in this case. He also has said currently his building is under construction and has no internet lines activated in it so he's been traveling to a friend's place once or twice a week to check his emails so he said anyone who needs to contact him send an email to

Just relaying the info from The Hunter's Lair.

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I bought thins from chuck in the past and never had a prob-untill now its been 6 months and all I get is I'll give you a tracking number in a couple of days. I don't know what he is doing but his emails and updates are scarce and too far in between. I'm really disappointed with him. I'm trying to finish my costume for approval and he is holding the last things i need to finish and I've been waiting and waiting.