Anybody use Plastic Fusion from Home Depot?

Jodo Kast 3

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This stuff works great, makes whatever you`re working on a bit heavier and the stuff smells like crazy when you`re working with it, but damn does it hold up.

Anybody else work with it?
Wal-Mart carrys it also, I thought about it.....for my shoulders and knees I used regular Yellow Krylon from Wal-Mart and my blue is from Manards.....Im still unforsure wich silver Ill use for my helmet ears and stuff......
I used it on my MLC FG Holster.
It worked very nice and coats excellent.
Very durable and also leaves a nice finish.
So you use as a plastic, or as a filler or as an adhesive?
Would you us it in place of say fiberglass? Or sintra? Or in place of bondo, Or in place of super glue?

:lol: sorry. I need details people. ;)
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