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Was just wondering if any has bought anything from GA? Ive been thinking about buying a few things from them. After reading the stuff from propcollections forum im starting to ask questions about everything and everyone. But who ever is working goldenarmor answers questions really quick. So i dont see a problem with them I just wanted to know if any one out there ownes a jet pack from them?

::Edit:: do not openly list prop-makers websites without their consent first; Bothan spies (LFL copyright lawyers) may be lurking
Yea I have gotten a few things from them. They are quite good about getting things to you and quickly. Just be aware that their parts often times need a lot of trimming and cleaning. If you are looking for easy to put together parts they may not be the best bet. But if you don't mind putting some work into the parts then they are a good option.
Has anyone bought the Boussh helmet from GA? I'm interested in picking one up for my wife.


The JP that GA has is really good. The body looks spot on to the screen used via pictures. Size wise I can't say for sure, however. The missile leaves something to be desired. However, I've been told that they will be having a new one coming out soon that is more accurate. The jets and greeblies also leave a bit to be desired. Don't know if they've upgraded those at all.

But as was said before, be prepared to cut, bondo, sand and clean...then cut, bondo, sand and clean some more. However, that's the price to pay for the price of the goods. After you cut, bondo, sand and clean, you will have a real nice prop.

The GA jet pack is pretty nice, with a lot of work involved. Plus, it is VERY heavy since the missle is resin with a wooden core.
I bought one of his fiberglass jet pack kits three years ago (man, how time flies). It is basically identical to MB's original vac'ed JP kit. The fiberglassing was well done and easy to sand the imperfections out. The "piano keys" are off a bit as well as a few other details, but the size was pretty much right on (IMO). I did not like the solid resin rocket. You gotta be very carefully not to bang it into any low doorways or you could snap it. Also, it was more oval than round. Sanding it to the proper shape was impossible.

Again, this was three years ago. I do not know how much he has changed his molds or design since then. I have since sold mine.
I got one off him about 6 months ago, everything you had to say about it still stands BobaFettish.

And I can confirm that the rocket will snap, right where the dowel ends. Happened to me first time out.

Can't say I liked his Gauntlets, I got a pair and while they are strong due to the thickness of the plastic, that has the downside of losing a lot of detail. I found Ruff's gauntlets alot better, and with a little bit of FG they are just as strong.
I know we can't just state all the names and stuff from anyone who sells anything... but what if i want to buy something and everyone here has opposed to this guy... but i don't know that because for example i don't have a clue what GA stands for??

this is not ment against GA, it has nothing to do with GA, but I'm pretty new to this site and don't know what all the letters stand for... i think i got ESB ROTJ BF JF JP ;P
GA is still a member here..
He was banned from RPF because several of his products was recasted from other peoples work.
I too owned his one of his older Jet Pack kits and it required a great deal of work. I had to replace the resin greeblies since they were full of bubbles and the rocket like Boba Fetish mentioned was oval, not round :lol: It looks nice when completed though. He claims to have improved the JPs now so they might be better.

I got the Boussh helmet from him, and I'm a bit disapointed with it. But I am going to wait for some communication from him back on the item before posting any sort of review...

I ran a special jet pack bulk purchase for members and GA made them for us. As a previous guy mentioned the rocket is resin with solid wooden dowel so it does add some weight but after a lot of work they look very good. The rocket was oval and not round but he did tell us that beforehand. My piano keys were very worped and almost unusable. No decals came with it either. Seems like a little more effort should have been put into them. I am pretty happy with mine now but it took a LOT of work. It is a recast from a Mark Bradley kit.

:jet pack
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My dad got a CA(GA?) 07/02 jango pack,and this thing was total crap.
Not one surface was straight,the cones(thrusters)were totally unuseable,incorrect greeblies,etc,etc........A very rough casting job,very rough........It now is used to prop open the old man's workshop door,a very expensive doorstop.
Dad's a recently retired pro propman,so in the end he made his own and molded it up,throw in gelcoat and fibreglass,and instant j/p's.........Also he bought a rotj blaster at the same time,same supplier.same thing,mostly unuseable,all warped badly.The old man thinks they might be re-casted knockoffs,but I think if they were,the CA 02 would have been filled in,or is that GA?
I live in Australia,and am not clued-up on U.S. suppliers,my dad made most of our costumes,and when he bought stuff for me I think it was mostly second-hand off Ebay.
Can anyone give me any info on the origin of this pak?
Thanks,in advance .......Jakie the snakie

P.S. I can put up some pics of the j/pack if anyone wants to have a look,it has been sort-of fixed up and filled a little,but as dad gave up on it,it still looks pretty rough.
There's a whole mess of bondo that had to go in to straighten up one of the tanks,where it sagged in,but you can tell it's pretty shoddy workmanship.I know I'm a little fussy,but growing up with a sculptor for a dad,and a costume designer for a mum,you get that.........oh yeah,i just got the thing out for a look,and it also has 'dream scheam' scribed onto one of the tank ends.
The old man just showed me a pic of the new CA j/pack,looks good in the pic,but so did the crappy one we bought.......If the new model is better,I might get a rocket,gimbals,thrusters etc,and make an ESB 'greenie'.
I have a GA Pack and while yes some of the edges arent exactly straight and the rocket is a bit oval. Its not crap. I have seen worse casts with other props i have gotten. With some easy work it can be made perfect. I didnt even do all that work to mine and once trimmed and painted it looks great. Granted i got it second hand and got a bit of a deal on it. But i still think its a decent pack for a costume.

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