Any news from Bobamaker?


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Hi there fellow Fettsters :)

I was wondering, you guys gave me alot of positive feedback on Bobamaker, so I went and sent him an E-Mail about a week ago (didn't get a responce), seeing that I sent him an other E-Mail last Thursday (as of today still no responce).

I was wondering is this normal, does he take long to respond normaly? I know life happens, or maybe he has to many orders already, I don't know.

one more thingif anyone can contact him via other means and ask him to give me a sign that would be very much apreciated.

Thanks alot


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I think alot of it depends on his workload. With C4 and alot of big cons coming up in the next few months, he's probably really loaded and having to keep in the shop. He'll get back to you though.


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Just keep trying. The best vendors here, get a lot of work, and can be tough to get responses. Its all worth it in the end, you will get the best in product.
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