Any how to do a jet pack instrustions?


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Just now going to start working on my Jet Pack.. and its just a line drawing blown up to the size that I keep seeing stated on these boards. Anyway.. has there or is there any good referances on 'how to' and what to use and stuff like that to help a guy at least get started on this project. Please and thank you...

also.... any good templates would be cool and useful to.


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The way I did mine was I started with Mark Bradley's layout at pack.htm Then start cutting and assembling your pieces. For all the flat parts I used sentra, and for all the rest I used things like: roller hockey balls and Renuzit air-fresheners(thruster cones), four sizes of PVC pipes, PVC reduction fittings, resin cast from a paper cone cup(missile tip), epoxy putty cast onto the bottom of a liter bottle of wine(top of side fuel tanks), and the funnel cone and gopher poison cone that were on Bradley's page. Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy has some good pics on assembly at pack1.html Send me a PM if you need any more help.


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Were does one find this "gopher poison cone" ?
Is there a special brand of gopher poison I should look for ?