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Greetings all. I just got my bucket in the mail yesterday! (MS3 #12) I can't stop drooling over it! It looks so beautiful. The attention to detail is astounding! :love :love :love :love

So, now that I have that, I thought it only proper to give you all a thread marking the progress of the bucket. Since I just got it last night, and I was in a pretty rotten mood (thanks to work) I didn't bother working on it. I didn't want to risk taking a chance and making a mistake, that would have put me in an even worse mood!

However, I did manage to snap off a few "Raw" pictures and will post them tomorrow!

As I said the attention to detail is amazing. I thought one of the things I would have to do is drill out the keyholes in the back of the helmet so I could buy an MQ1 circuit board to put in, but no! MS has it already molded in! Even the little round "beauty mark" on the left side is a separate piece!!!

This is an excellent helmet. I will wear it with pride and honor!
THANK YOU MS!!! 8) (y) (y) (y) (y)

You want me to do what? Holy schnikes, are you looking for me to have a heart attack here? hehe...
I can tell you it won't happen. Weather is supposed to suck big time here and I don't have any place to paint EXCEPT outside!!! :)

superjedi said:
Now of course we will expect it to be fully painted by the day after tomorrow!

<---<<< Just recieved MS3 #7

I can honestly say that I've never ever seen a casted piece with such clean, sharp details, not a hole or bubble anywhere, smooth sharp details such as the forhead arrows, brow, dent, and earcap sockets MS has certainly put his time in and it shows
I seemed to recall mentioning that I would post images of my MS3 on Friday! No, that wasn't an early April Fool's joke on the board...
In all my infinate stupidity, I rushed out of the house without my camera, and consequently, no memory cards to upload the photos from! However, I have brought the camera with me today, uploaded the images to my machine, and now, wish to show you... my, as of yet untouched, MS3 ESB helmet!

(Insert cheesy unvailing music!)

Look at it, isn't it a thing of beauty. Sure, it's not painted, but think of it like this... it's a blank canvas, waiting for a master artist, or in my case, a completely clueless fan, to make it into a masterpiece!



Awesome! Mine is due in the post this week (I had to have it shipped to a mate in America who then sent it over to me as MS doesn't ship here). Cost me a wee bit more but I have faith it'll be worth it. Can't wait!
Ok, it's been a while since I lost posted on the progress. I could say a lot about what has happened... but a lot of it rests on the fact that I am a lazy guy!

Ok, so it's been raining, had a few things going on here and there... but I am also VERY lazy and just needed to get off my duff and start work.

So, I have cut out the T-Visor of the bucket and sanded all the parts down, getting them ready for paint. I have to tell you that I was really shaking when it came to cutting out the visor. I was so scared that I would do something stupid to knick or cut into an area I didn't want!

So, I spent Monday sanding and stuff. I know, it's not painted or anything like that.. and many may see this as a small step, but for someone like me, this is actually a big step.

Anyway, here's the latest... including a very early test fit of the helmet.


So in more then a month you trimmed the visor? Well it's progress, it's not good or fast progress but at least it's progress.

Just to put things in prospective for you I took a raw cast clone trooper helmet and in three days finnished it. (trimmed out visor, teeth and neck, sanded it all down, primered, sanded, painted white, painted colored stripe, and painted all the other details, installed visor and mouth screen.) All in 3 days.

Moral of this story..... Get to work !!

By the way I am just giving you a hard time, it's all in good fun.
Lol, what can I say... I am lazy.

Also doesn't help when I have like 5 million things going on at once. I'm not only doing the helmet, but the sidearm, blaster, shin tools, etc.

I promise, I'll get cracking on this helmet in earnest soon. Just need to set a weekend aside and start in on it!!! :)
Another step down.
I started laying down the silver base coat! I don't have picture yet... but I'll try to snap a few off tonight! :)

I used Krylon Fusion Nickle Shimmer, and I think I'll hit it with a bit of Rustoleum silver to give it that metalic look. Right now, I am happy with the results. I also took the time to shoot the all the part of the helmet as well as the barrel of the sidearm and even the shin tools.

Again, I'll try to remember to get pictures tonight!
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