another kind of filler


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I think Bondo has a pretty tight hold on the market. There are others, but its all pretty much the same.

Why no Bondo? The mixing? The cost? The aroma?:wacko


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bondos ok just not really fond of it just wanted to know if there was somthing else thats all

I know how you feel. I'm not really fond of Elmer's glue. A bottle of Elmer's tried to kill my parents.

J/K :lol:

I think some people have used spackle as an alternative. If you are doing small areas, you could use Knead-a-tite, Glazing putty...

You could even use wood filler depending on what you are doing. Its a no mix alternative.

Just about any material that cures hard and is sandable could be used as an alternative.

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My brother uses a product called fibertech. It looks like the "kitty hair" which is the fiberglass reinforced filler. Fibertech still uses a herdener like bondo, but this stuff made to bond to different types of plastic. It can be found at autobody supply stores.


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Check out MH Ready Patch by Zinnser. It's at an alkyd based spackle available at Home Depot. I have yet to use it on a plastic or F/G prop, but it works great on wood and drywall. No mixing, dries hard, and only kind of stinky.


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Depends on what youre filling. Are you filling spots on a helmet or large gaps in something? Bondo is essentially made to stick to metal and fiberglass, its a automotive products after all.

Here are some alternatives:
PC-11 Marine Epoxy
PC-7 Epoxy (both available in the glue/epoxy section of Home Depot)
Squadron Putty - white hobby putty/paste, dries hard
Apoxie Sculpt - 2 part sculpting putty, can be sanded and sculpted
Zap Finish Resin

All great products, you can google them, find them at pro-level - R/C hobby shops, etc.

I use them all, for different needs. Heck used them all on a clone armor build, all is seamless, most of them I smooth out with water after putting them on, less sanding and better "seamless" results.