And so it begins...

Well - since I shipped the family off to out-of-town locales and stuck around town - I spend the day BONDO'ing the crap out of this fiberglass bucket's numerous flaws and the primary dent (sorry - my custom isn't going to be dented) I picked up on e-bay to use as my lid until I get my metal one... and I think it's finally ready for primer'ing.

Wish me luck all... because once the bucket gets primered sucessfully - the primary armor is right behind it. And Monday I'm picking up a sheet of Sintra so I can start on my leg armor, extra armor pieces, gauntlets, and jet pack.

Today marked my offical date I consider my clock to begin icking for getting the costume done.

I've got approximately 5 months... so its time to start kicking ass.

Loranar_Fett wrote:

Good luck and remember to keep us posted with pics etc.

Is there a theme to your custom?


There is --- though this pic is pretty dark, and I've "Grendelized" the armor concept now too (new pic coming soon) --- this is basically the idea:

The custom set concpet will basically be:
- Blood to darker than blood red flight suit (I've got the right color fabric if I want to have it made, but I'm looking for the right color dye to use on a surplus flightsuit first)
- Matte-finish uber-dark gray armor (carbon gray) to near black. Armor array will be Jango's plus a few extra pieces
- Customized gauntlets in weapons onboard pack
- Modified stubby jet pack
- Custom "assault" grade blaster along with a sniper rifle, and a single sidearm.
- Distinctive "Grendel"-ization in the painting of the chestplates. Still working on this part on how it will look, but the photoshop rendition is coming along and I think I've got something I like.

The next pic will give a much better idea of what I'm planning I think. At least what I've got in my mind's eye.

Loranar Fett

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That's a cool look - I like the Dark Red and Grey. It contrasts nicely. (y)

Kinda makes me want to make a custom. But first I have to take care of what got me into this -

Anyhow good luck and keep us posted.