Alternative Gauntlet Fasteners


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I hear a lot of people asking how to fasten Gauntlets here on the TDH, most ideas are based around Velcro, I tried something a little different, here's how I did mine:

I got a set of Rufkin Gauntlets and lined them with a layer of fibreglass to make them nice and rigid. Then trimmed them with a dremmel to the exact size to fit my arms. I purchased some catches from the market (you can get them at most DIY stores), they cost very little and attached them to the inside of the Gauntlets using Epoxy filler (I think it's called Bondo in the USA).

That's basically it...It was a bit tricky at times but I think it was worth it. These beauties just lock onto my arms really easy. Once on, they don't come apart until I pull them.



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