Almost Done, hitting the home stretch!


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I am nearing to completion of my first helmet, working on and off for about 8-9 months now.

I finnaly got the PRR Marroon mixed right and I did all the highlighting on the mandibles, keyslots and conecting bands and I am officaly calling those Done.

I need to reorder some newer paints for the back pannels before I move any further. I painted the bakc pannels the Euro Green and then I went and pulled the green away from teh areas that are scrached and I will fill it in.

Thanks to Batninja I got the RF arm attached all I need to to is add some magnets to the cover. The left ear I in next on the list.

Thanks to TF for the awsome cold cast RF top, I am wiating for my hyperdine lights to light this bad boy up and then I will attach it perminently (sorry about hte rubber band).

I know I forgot the top scrape and my kill stripes are off by one but if I am missing something please point it out!







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Lookin' GOOD!!! I see you're going for the 'screen' version of the ESB helmet. Good choice. What did you mean by your 'killstripes are off by one'? I count 14 which is correct for the ESB bucket.


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Very nice, I like the ESB screen accurate version. Kind of makes me wish I went that route. Mine has been taking months as well since I only do a little here and there. Patience produces awesome results. Well done (y)