General AJ's ESB Planning Stage


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Hi all, greetings from Portugal

I have been around here but now i think its time to jump in, so, my gf bought me last month:

- MoW Vest
- RKD large Set
- Wasted Fett Knees




Now, since Im totally noob around here and obviusly dont wanna be screwed, I really could use some help from u, more experienced folks.

So, here in Portugal I have Daz (Bobamaker), he could be a really top option for me.

Now, for what I saw from other wips:

- Gloves - people are avoiding MoW, since its unacurate, and are going for Mike M (I think I will go for BM)
- Flightsuit - Arkady is the top seller but will go for BM
- EE-3 - people are buying where? Sidewinder?
- Cape - Mow?
- Wookie Braids? - Any hint?

Well IMO Bobamaker could be a nice option for me, to avoid Customs and everything will be taxed 23% more, so, no maths needed lol

Any other tip will apreciate.

Ty in advance and a nice weekend,

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Bobamaker is probably going to be the best option for your remaining pieces, especially soft goods.

woodman can be a great option for girth belt, ammo belt, and cape.

Sidewinder is good for an EE3.

Wasted Fett for a helmet for sure but I also know Boba Maker is coming out with a new helmet soon.

Boba Maker also might be the best bet or MOW for a jetpack.


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Hi all, sorry for the late reply...

Been wondering about Woodman vs MoW cape... I saw few people complaining about weathring MoW capes... Not sure if the Economic or the Limited edition...
In your opinion, what could be the best?



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I have a MOW limited edition. While I like it a lot and I think it looks great, Woody's is more accurate due to, I believe his painted.