Airbrush Questions.


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I have a cheap airbrush that came with the can'o'air.

I would like to get a cheap air compressor so I do not have to spend a bunch of money on cans of air that do not last very long at all

Do you know of any help on this?



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There is no such thing as a cheap air compressor unforuntaly, the cheapest will run you around 120 bucks, and those are not very good at all, the biggest problem with the less costly air compressors is that is doesnt flow air at a steady rate, it pulses which isnt good.


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I must agree, My mom has a cheep one that works great for arts and crafts stuff that she dose.(she's old) But for doing stuff like helmets and armor spend the money and buy a good one.


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I hate to add to the conscensious(SP) but they're right. I have a 10GAL that I use and it's great. BUT I also know that senco makes a nice mini 2.5GAL compressor for about $100 retail. BUT It is quiet and I have heard that it works well:

Two words of advise:
Get some Tephlon Tape for every connection
Get a regulator so you can hold about 35psi

Hope it helps