AFFO$'s MS Helmet COMPLETE**Pics**


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Well, it's mostly complete. I'll have the scratchbuilt earcap finished tonight. For those that have been following my progress thread, here's the 99% finished MS 1 Bucket painted in the ESB 'screen version' paintscheme using the modified layering method.

And off to the Cargo Hold she goes...









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Didn't you just start that bucket a couple of days ago?:lol:

Thats fantastic!:eek:

Awesome stuff and im looking forward to the up-coming project we talked about soon...;)

Should have my stuff in a week and will PM you when its here...(y)

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That is gorgeous! You have done an incredible job on it! Thank you for not only sharing, but also inspiring me to paint my bucket relatively the same way when I get it!!!!

What else is there to say other than WOW! :love :love :love (y)
incredible . . . that paintjob is just incredible. . . and to think its all layred as well.

Theres just something about the ESB paint scheme thats just so cool looking and this so faithfully replicates the screen version its unreal. I think its really great that you have gone to great lengths to replicated the helmet as it appears in the movie rather than in its current ,albeit still rockin' MoM state.

Great job and truely inspiring. . . now then to finish that pre-pro bucket I've got laying around.:)
Terrific work! That turned out beautifully, and to think you cranked it out in so short of a time! I wish I had your skills man, that is an awesome ESB representation you got there :D
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