AeroDyz ROTJ Boba Fett Thread WIP


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Hey guys !

After my full 3D printed C-3PO costume, I want to start a ROTJ Boba Fett and I want to have the 501st certification. (I already have a Stormtrooper ANH stunt).

I'm going to use all RafalFett 3D files for this project. (Thanks again for his awesome work !)

At the moment I've finished to print the helmet and some EE-3 parts.

For this project, I'm going to use my 3 3D printers : CR-10 (30x30x40cm), and 2 Ender-3 (22x22x25).

I'll buy the Ammo belt, the gloves, the shoes and an aluminium kit from ImperialBoots.

Recently, I've bought all the clothes from KriptonTop on Etsy. It says that all is 501st approvable. What do you think about that ?

I'm not really tall, I'm 1.70cm for 55kg.

At the moment, I'm printing the abdominal part but I think that's too big for me lol.

Do you think guys I need to reduce the size of all the models (except the helmet) to have all the parts fit on me (if you need some measures, don't hesitate) ?

Sorry for my bad english, I'm French :-D.

May the force be with you !
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Do you think guys I need to reduce the armor size according to my corpulence ?

Maybe I should wait the clothes before to take a decision and see how it is with ...

That's a RafalFett abdominal 3d printed part.

(Sorry for the cat photobomb lol)


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It might be a bit oversized for you, but as you said, better wait for the flight suit and see how it looks on you, then decide what to do.


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Good luck on your build. Looking forward to seeing your progress. I'm currently in the middle of building a ROTJ Fett with my Father In Law.

Good luck you too !

I've printed the helmet from RafalFett, but it was too low poly for me.

A friend of mine recreated the helmet from the model to have a more smoothed version ...

Printing in progress ...