Adding Straps To Knee Armor

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I had a thought about how to make the knee armor straps work more efficiently-maybe. Hot glue the end of the wide elastic strap to the inside of either the right or left side of the knee plate-easy enough. Then on the opposite side either affix a slider, or cut a slot large enough in the armor plate to run the elastic strap through. Then have velcro sewn/hot glued or whatever so that all you'd have to do is pull it tight enough and then connect the hook and loop velcro so it stays put. Then you can glue velcro to the underside of the knee armor (where it'll show due to the strap running across the middle of the plate) as well as on your jumpsuit to keep it in place also. Has anyone used a similar method? I can assume that I could do the same with the rest of my leg armor as well. I'm a little stumped about how to attach the foot plate at present, but I'm sure I'll figure it out...Thoughts?

The way I do it is by using heavy duty snaps. I have gone to using heavy duty ones because the el-cheapo ones do not do the job. I hotglue the female end of the snap on the inside of the armor but NOT right at the back. If I placed it right at the back, the tension of the strap could pull the snap out.

I then use white elastic as the strap and put the male end of the snap of the ends of the strap. All of this stuff was found at Joann's Fabric.
Whatever you do, don't hot glue anything!!! I have been trooping with people who hot glued items together and it melted while they where in armor.
OK then abort the hot glue ... I thought it could be used if the load it was exposed to wasn't very high. But I've tried CA Gel, Super Glue, and epoxy, and the snaps still tear off even with that stuff.
I used Goop to attach the straps to my knees. On the "outside" of each knee it's Gooped directly to the plastic, and on the "inside" I used velcro.
Goop rules!
Guys what you need is Barge this stuff never comes apart, its around $3 bucks, if you got a tandys in your area you can get it there
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I've not had a great deal of luck with Goop. The first time I used it, I bought Plumbing Goop by mistake-so you can chalk that up to user error. Now I bought Craft Goop, and it worked a bit better than the last, but after curing for 24 hours, it still wasn't a rock solid bond like you'd have with Epoxy. So am I using the wrong stuff? I even used an adhesive simply known as "Welder" that was referred to me with similar results. And that's after totally preparing the surface for the adhesive by the book, so I know that's not the issue. So all I can assume is that I'm using the wrong product.

So from your advice I think I'm going to use snaps, industrial velcro, and straps! Once a Boy Scout always a Boy Scout I guess-always prepared. Or always obsessive, depending upon how you look at it I suppose...:lol:

Happy Holidays!
I used industrial velcro and stapled it to the elastic strap. But now I own some MOW Rubber Knees, he had the elastic glued inside of the knee, and snapped on the other end.
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