Accurate gauntlet hose size?

Lynn TXP 0369

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Does anybody know what the accurate hose size is?

I have always used the 1/4" ID braided hose, but I thught I read someplace that it was actually a bigger hose than that.

I did a search, but it turned up nothing.

I wonder if the 3/8" ID is too big?

Any one have any ideas?



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I have the 3/8 ID hose on my fett, and IMO it is the correct size. It seems very proportional to the gauntlets, and the rest of the suit.

Lynn TXP 0369

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Thanks Rimshot...
That is what I was thinking as well, the 1/4" ID hose looked good with the smaller MB gauntlets, but look tiny on the movie sized gauntlets.
I think it needs a bigger hose, so the 3/8" ID will probably look alot better.

Anyone else have any input?


Anyone else have any input?

I have a set of RKT gauntlets and I'm usig 1/2" od x 1/4" id hose. Looks pretty good to me. ;)
I tried the next size bigger, but it seemed TOO big.
The 1/2 x 1/4 looks good with my Gauntlet connectors.
I'll try and post a pic tomorrow.
Back to the Belts ;)
PM received and will be returned ASAP Lynn.
Robert E.

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I believe it was proven at some point with proof positive that 3/8" was used.After seeing the two in person since I needed to "see" it for myself,I too was convinced of 3/8" braided hose. :)