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I'm getting ready to start my scratchbuild this weekend and I've decided it's going to be a . My goal is to finish the structure of the helmet (minus ear pieces and keyholes). I've been scouring the threads on scratchbuilt helmets and I noticed that at least one person added in the "wavy brow" which I was under the impression was more of a mold characteristic than a screen accurate detail. Searching for the keyword "wavy" didn't help much either. Also I don't know which details are ESB and which are ROTJ or Pre-pro.

Here are some details that I'm hoping someone can tell me if these are for sure screen accurate for ESB, not accurate for ESB, or even "still debated":

1. Wavy brow
2. Rounded edges in the upper corners of the T-visor slot
3. "Repaired crack" in the upper right corner of the T-visor slot
4. "Deep" scratch on the right mandible
5. Rectangular impression on the right upper mandible
I may be a newb, but I at least did some homework before I asked. (y)

Also if you know of any other structural details I should be aware of (besides the dent, borden connector and triangles of course) let me know.

As far as i'm aware, the wavy brow is a 'flaw' on the ESB helmet and not present on the ROTJ or Pre-Pro versions. As you mentioned, its probably a casting fault that they just rolled with...From my research, the crack appears to be a genuine repair, the upper cheeks/T area is square, not rounded. An area i think is often over looked is the relationship between the dome/trim and the back of the helmet. There is a definate 'step out' as you view the helmet from side on, you have the dome, the trim steps out, the surface of the back of the helmet is also stepped slightly, and curves towards the bottom rather than being flat, if that makes any sense...
Not much more to add to what terminal fettler said, except make sure you keep your "lefts" and "rights" straight.
Most folks refer to directions as if you're wearing the helmet. Eg: the range finder is on the "right" side. :)
1. Wavy brow

After seeing the inside of the ESB helmet, I believe the wavy brow is actually a repair to the brow. It appears that a small chunk of the brow broke off and was expoxied back in place. I am still not convinced that the brow "warp" is present on the helmet during filming, though I am still investigating that possibility.
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