about Kastalorian armor

secol FETT

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Jodo pal your templates looks awesome
but need to know some
im almost 6' and dont know what armor make
the M or L i belive de XL its to big :D
any advice

The best thing to do is to print out the chest and belly pcs and cut them out. Tape them to a shirt or something to check the fit.

If you are 6' and fairly lean, go with the large set. The XL back armor might be way too big for you but it's safest to print, cut and try.

Your title had me sweating there for a second. I'm like, "Man, did I forget to include someone's chest diamond or did the glue come undone durung shipment and the "f"s slid off the knees?"

As for the templates, as a great man once said, "If they can't find you handsome at least they can find you handy!" :lol:
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