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On Sunday while at San Diego Comic Con, I got Temuera to sign my BKBT Open Seasons #3 Jango helmet. He was very nice and even waived off my $$ when I pulled it out to pay the signature fee. He seemed very cool. Plus sitting next to him behind the table was a fellow TDHer but I can't recall his name as I had just met him the night before.

Now I just need to figure out how I'm going to preserve the signature so that I don't accidently scratch it or rub it off. I've thought about taping the area off and spraying it with some clear coat. If there's a better way, let me know.


I would recommend a coat of Future Acrylic Floor Wax. It will protect the signature and since it is water based it won't react with the signature or the helmet paint as would a solvent based would. Just run it straight through an airbrush no thinning needed. It should keep it safe and sound till the next ice age.

Looks like that's a keeper. Very cool!

Yeah it was someone who was at the dinner with us the night before. Tall guy, blonde brown hair. Oh, the guy with the skateboard with all the signatures. He was hanging out at the booth. Very cool guy.

Thanks Alan, but unfortunately I don't have access to an airbrush. I'd like to get one but all the ones I look at cost a lot of $$$. So I'm going to try my hand at shooting it with some matte clear coat that I picked up at Home Depot:confused . Hopefully it'll be ok.

You can also brush Future on as well. It is self leveling so no brush marks.


P.S. I use future on all my models big or small it is great stuff. You can also use it to hide scratches in clear plastic. I have even used it to remove scratches in my reading glasses just brushed it on.
Thats cool, I dunno why but I got the "leave me alone" vib from him so I just walk past the booth. He was even staying at our hotel, we were waiting at the elevator together, we let him go in one and we got in another.
having had an experiance in trying to preserve an autograph like yours i would be very careful with using clear coat to paint over it. About 1 minute after i sprayed over the signature ( very lightly ) the signature began to come off the article it was on and mostly ran into a glob of ink. If you can find a way to put a vey thin piece of plastic over it and seal around it would be better i believe...........
Thats cool man. He did the same to my Fettpride helmet. We were talking about how it was cast from the real thing and he got all excited. He just took it and signed it for no charge or anything with out me asking. He wanted to sign the dome, but i said not cuz I was gonna be wearing all weekend. maybe i should have. :facepalm

I guess this helmet will be retired all ready. :lol:
I have to admit, Temura was cool at this con the whole time.

The guy you are referring to is not a TDHer nor RPFer. He has a TK suit and has his board signed by as many SW stars as he could find. Last week, he had Anakin sign it !
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