A new take on an old idea...

Well everyone, it's time for my yearly thread :D

Well, after Animazement this year, having trooped with a friend and gotten really good public response, I've decided to work on my mando costume in a much more central way.

So, I'm making a jet pack.

This isn't your ordinary Z6 boba-tron, its something entirely different, something a lot like this:


(Image lifted shamelessly from somone, all credit to them)

The idea came to me while reading an article posted by a lovely woman on Tokyopop about making folding wings, and I imediately thought of Shadow trooper from Command and Conquer 3. So I'm going to incorperate her design into something akin to that of The Rocketeer.

(link to working wings tutorial) http://www.tokyopop.com/570.html

So, I've adapted the concept into a new backpack. Essentially the pack will be a hybrid between a Glider and a jump pack (such as the z6), allowing for long term sustained flight and gliding.

Anyway, I'll be posting progress pics and concept art soon.

In the meantime, here are a few pics of myself and my friend at this years animazement

Links, for your loading convenience.



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:rolleyes *35 minute modeling, 10 minute texturing*...sure, make me feel like a noob again. :lol: j/k Cheers to the one who made it

Cool. I've been meaning to look for a tutorial like that for my mando. However, I like the Buzz lightyear version a bit better. It's more realistic since those wings are meant for subsonic flight (think cessna)


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I believe the clones used something similar to what your talking about, but it was more streamlined. I seem to remember seeing a pic of some clones flying with them in Insider issue 80something.