A better solution to the voice amp Mic?


Granted, I am not even at this point with my costume yet, but are the voice amp headsets uncomfortable with the helmet on? If so, I was condiering using one of these: http://www.paintball-discounters.com/cgi-bin/webc.cgi/st_prod.html?p_prodid=1799&p_catid=32&sid=5bW2dL10R0Qs2BT-14104189694.61
...assuming that theres a way to wire it to the voice amp. These use two interface plugs (speaker/speaker, mic) whereas the voiceamps use one (speaker/mic) unless I am mistaken.

anyway, the point of using this set up would be that it can be integrated into the helmet. The speaker/mic wires can be unplugged from both the amp and the speakers themselves. I have one of these hooked up to my paintball mask and it was MUCH more convenient than trying to swing a headset.

Let me know what you all think.

secol FETT

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i ripoff my radioshak and put the parts inside the helmet, except the batteries, and works ok.
but the problem with the headset is when the helmet is to small, i mean all those DP95/96/97 and the FG copies.
but with the movie sized, i dont think you have that problem.

i had some pics here :) http://www.geocities.com/s_collao/



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Do you have any other photos. I looked at your website but i need a little more detail. i opened the back of mine tonight but was not sure what wires needed to stay and what ones were not needed. Can I assume the Blue, Grey and Green wires that connect the the DC9V port on the back are not needed?
It looks like there is only 1 white wire going from the battery board to the main board If I wanted to replace the 6 AAA with a simple 9V, where does the other wire go? Most 9V have a red and black wire.