99% finished


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hey all just finishe this! i know i need a cod peice but i will deal with that later, and a cape is coming soon
<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/latchkeymemoirs/fett.html" TARGET="_blank">
CLick here for total enjoyment</A>

Please excuse the pics they are captures from my video cam
I was never much into the custom scene but . . . the customs that I've seen you guys present over the last few weeks on here . . . . they're spectacular.

I love those colours too!

Keep up the nice work!
Those are the pistols that were used in the tome raider movie.
I was thinking about using those type of guns for my costume. I attached a site to mine.


bh-7603 wrote:

um...dude i AM wearing it in the pics!

Better go grab a sandwich then...and some ice cream...oh and fries, don't forget the fries... :)

Cool suit bub, it's great to see nicely done customs out there.
first event done!

<A HREF="http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/latchkeymemoirs/lst?.dir=/BH+Trials&.view=t" TARGET="_blank">
Click Here
Your costume is awesome! Really nice work, you did a great job with the helmet! Maybe I skipped over it but since you have a custom suit...do you have a custom name yet????
Great Job! :D:thumbsup:
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