Finished my Pulce this morning


I bought a 3D printed kit on eBay and just finished the build this morning. I used CA+ and Zip Kicker to connect it all plus some JB Weld around the edges of the connecting pieces for some extra strength and to fill in the minor gaps where they didn't sit flush. I just need to spray it with a clear coat.

I opted to keep the cross bar because I didn't want to tackle smoothing that out on a 3D print. I think cutting it off an actual Pulce would be a lot easier. I debated painting the front all silver but ultimately decided on the orange/brown color at the front since I was keeping the crossbar and also that's how it looks in the current CRL. For the orange/brown color, I bought Humbrol 100 on eBay and mixed in a little Humbrol 33 to darken it a skosh.

I'm waiting on my armor and holster from Boba Maker and look forward to putting this baby into the holster.


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