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While in Singapore I was able to find 2 DP 96's, what is the general consensus among TDH members about this particular helmet. At only $35-40 I think that it is something that I should not turn down. Thoughts, opinions, comments?
Yeah, I've got a 96 DP, and it cost me $75, so I'd say you got a deal. It's decent, and it's WAY better than a 97 DP.
for that price I would just get them both :p and like sleezy said... they arn't all that bad as DP's go.
I love mine also.I bought a second one though(Ebay) and it turned out to be a '97 .The box said '96 but the helmet said '97.I was PISSED!!I even asked the guy what date was"cast into the back of the halmet" What a jack a$$!
I have a 96 DP that I converted into a jango and I LOVE it! I think it has great flare and an overall good shape. Now if it were only a MSH!


obi sean kenobi wrote:

I think it has great flare and an overall good shape. Now if it were only a MSH!

Yeah, I agree...the flare is better than the 95 and 97 versions, and it looks even better if you widen the helmet to add some additional flare.

And true, it is a bit smaller, but so am I, and the size is just right for us little hunters. :D
My current bucket is a 96 as well. Although I'm not totally satisfied with it, it is a pretty decent bucket! For $35, I would probably consider that a pretty nice deal. It all depends on what you want.:)
You really can't beat that price. I've got a '96 myself and have used it for several years now. I really like the overall shape but I'm getting more and more disappointed with the size. I paid $60 for mine about 5 years ago at a Halloween shop in the mall so you're really getting a good deal.

Buy both, convert both and sell one on Ebay and make up your money back and more.
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