96 Don Post sizing question


Hello all, this is my first post and thread ever so be gentle! I've lurked for years but have finally decided to slowly start accruing an accurate ESB Boba Fett costume. I've been a SW Fan forever and Boba Fett fan has been my favorite character since I was a child (I'm 31 now). Anyways, back then I picked up a 96 Don Post helmet and even back then at 11 or 12 years old, I wasn't happy with the paint job so I took it upon myself of trying to repaint it (which today looks awful) and put over some dark window tint trying to give it the appearance of something nicer and hiding that awful plastic visor at the bottom. I haven't touched it or done anything with it in almost 20 something years, but today I brought it back from my parents with the idea of sanding her down, repriming, cutting out the plastic visor and installing a new one etc etc.

After using the search feature here on Don Post helms, and learning I didn't get the dreaded '97 version but also not the good '95 version it seems like this bucket might be the right size and hopefully not to warped. Nevertheless I still have a few questions for the experts here on the TDH. First, I am 5'8, 168 lbs, I know I won't be able to pull off a full size movie size bucket, but I'm thinking my current DP helm, or if the Don Post idea fails a MSG helmet or GMH helmet or BobaMaker helmet? Just want to confirm if those are the best alternative choices for smaller statured people.

Here's some pics I took today with how it currently appears as is. No modifications done since I was little , so hopefully I can some advice if my DP helmet is too far warped or maybe to small to do anything with.

Thanks again!








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Once reshaped and a actual visor and paint job put on it. The stalk is easy to replacw using 6mm sintra. They will work. Below is a pic of my 96 DP. During a 501st MS Walk.