$6 EE-3 Unfinished......


Well-Known Hunter

And heres the stock and scope I plan on using instea dof the ones we have on there now.

I think Im not going to attach the scope on it.....it is a Jodo Decipher rifle anyway. ;)
Ya know what, I keep thinking about trimming them, but I lost the clippers. :lol:
Same route I went with my rifle,, except mines a little ,,,, ok way off of an EE-3. More like the new model of a EE-3. The high speed EE-3. Not the best thing in the world but my first.

Wow great work with a limited budget...maybe you should start a tutorial for the rest of us? Keep up the good work and post the pics of the finished product.
Actualy I cant make the tutorial, but my Grandpa could, hes the one that made it with all his machinery,etc.
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