1st Jango test fit


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Hey Jango vets, this is my first test fit. I know I need to add the armor. I am working on the BKBT upper armor and I am using WB leg armor. How does this look and any tips would be appreciated. Thanks

Jangopic 001.jpg

Jangopic 004.jpg
Yep, wrong forum....

But looking great!

The vest is real nice, cant wait for mine.

A couple suggestions...
The jumpsuit's 2nd sleeves looks a tad too long.

Maybe darken you gloves a touch.

Top work, Jono!
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Yeah, to late last night I guess.:confused A mod will come along soon and correct my placement error. Sorry Admin and THD members.

Looking good!(y) (y)

You can use some industrial strength velco running along the front center of you girth belt and behind the ammo belt to help keep your ammo belt and pouches in the center of your girth belt. Looks like the 21 rows was perfect scaling to the pouches and your height.(y)

Keep the updates coming....
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