¿Where to get customized piano inches as seen on FP Gauntlets? Help :(


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Hey guys, I really need to find some piano hinges as seen on those FP gauntlets because my MoW Bottom's gautnlets are getting broken :(

MoW's gauntlets isn't the problem, those are great, Velcro is the problem. That isn't a good way to close/open gauntlets cuz bottom's piece must be PUSHED and that is making some scratches and they are almost broken.

I sent a PM to Fettpried time ago and he said me he could sell me some customized piano hinges, but then I had no news from him and never replied any of my pm's and i really need to find something like that to put in my MoW's gauntlets before there's nothing to do with the bottoms piece :facepalm .

Thank you very much guys
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Thank you!

I have a cuestion about this closing system. Does not the bar fall when you move your arm? (The bar that goes inside the inches) Thank you again :)


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Uri, the hinges do not fall apart because of friction. The pieces are fit very close together so they will not fall apart.

Hinges (correct spelling)

Friction: The resistance encountered when one body is moved in contact with another.