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    SE Fett Version Query

    Hi all. So its been a while since I was last on here to contribute and so my memory of all things Fett is getting a little foggy. From memory though I seem to remember discussions regarding the 'SE Fett' based around the costume being mostly the RoTJ gear but with a ESB helmet. Does that...
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    Cool day out filming

    Admins - Just noticed I posted this in the wrong section. Any chance it can moved to the Sarlacc Pit? Been quite a while since I had the Boba Fett SE costume out for an airing. After all these years I'm still really happy with my scratch built effort. Had a really cool day yesterday filming...
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    Convert Boba helmet into Madalorian???

    So decided to start again from scratch. Here is the progress so far. Lots of filling and sanding before I go further as the plastic I've used doesn't look nice up close even after sanding. Hopefully a few good coats of filler primer and sanding will wort that out. Next week I'll make a start...
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    Mandalorion Helmet CAD Files???

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone has happened across any 2d CAD files for a Mandalorian helmet build yet? I've still got the amazing WOF Fett files and I am tempted to try to amend them
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    Convert Boba helmet into Madalorian???

    Agreed. I think I can easily adjust the Fett lid to suit. The mandibles will need adjusting to suit the amended cheeks and that will probably be the most difficult piece but well within my skills. I was just concerned about the dome profile but think I'll take a chance on it being similar
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    Convert Boba helmet into Madalorian???

    Hi all, Long time since I've been on here but the Mandalorian has sparked my interest again. So, I still have one of my old casts of the Fett helmet I scratch built back in 2007 and thought about remodelling it to the Mandalorian lid. I can do the cheek areas, realign the mandibles, ears and...
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    Promoting the Solo Movie

    TK50175. Thanks again for the kind words. The hair is either latch hooked on or siliconed in place. I have created a fb blog to document elements of my build if you interested in browsing. There is a lot of additonal stuff on there but if you scroll down you'll see the build posts :) Ronin's...
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    Promoting the Solo Movie

    Thanks TK50175. So the fibreglass skull was made by a guy called Ryan Jenkins but only comes as base. I spent a few weeks creating the movable jaw, attaching the hair and the gums and teeth. I tried making a snarl mech for the upper lip but this made it too difficult to open the mouth so I...
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    Promoting the Solo Movie

    So I just about managed to get my Chewie ready in order to promote the Solo movie at my local cinema. Whilst I am really happy with how it turned out, I now have a list as lonf as my arm of things to tweek, modify and change. The bottom of my legs still really bug me as I wear stilts and have...
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    ESB Boba Fett

    Love the weathering of the soft parts. Great job there man
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    How serious is too serious?

    Just enjoy the experience. When I started out 10 years ago with my Boba, I fully intended to go 501st and have it 100% perfect. As the years have rolled by though, I have discovered that what makes me happy is more important than what makes others happy. My costume is now exactly how I want...
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    Almost complete

    Here is where I was 8 years ago
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    Almost complete

    I am going to say almost complete, because as we know our Fetts are never 100% complete. I think a range finder servo next haha but anyway, here is my SE Fett at the Exeter Comic Con. I am so happy with it now. I can remember looking at Fett costumes 10 years ago and thinking "thats how I...
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    Strange public encounters

    I had a couple of yobs try to hassle me once at a cinema showing. I just turned, stared at them for about 20 seconds (whilst they were jeering) and then said "you're no good to me dead". Whether it was the fact I spoke, or the voice modulator, or the actually phase but they stopped, hesitated...
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    When to hang up the helmet

    I'm 46 now and have just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hips. I'll keep going until they give out, then have replacement hips fitted and start trooping again lol :)