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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes' started by Ronin677, May 25, 2018.

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    So I just about managed to get my Chewie ready in order to promote the Solo movie at my local cinema. Whilst I am really happy with how it turned out, I now have a list as lonf as my arm of things to tweek, modify and change. The bottom of my legs still really bug me as I wear stilts and have tree trunk legs. Still thats something I'll be hard put to change and so will just accept it. The other really buggy thing as not wearing a long sleeved black tee shirt. You can see the mesh fabric where the wind caught my arm hair.

    I started this project back in 2005 but got bored with it and never thought I'd finish it. Then the Solo movie was advertised so I got working on the mask again and finally finished it. Finsh is the wrong word as we never truly ever finish our costumes lol. Really happy with the mask though :D



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    I am thinking for years to build a Chewie myself...
    Great costume! Did you made the mask?
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    Thanks TK50175. So the fibreglass skull was made by a guy called Ryan Jenkins but only comes as base. I spent a few weeks creating the movable jaw, attaching the hair and the gums and teeth. I tried making a snarl mech for the upper lip but this made it too difficult to open the mouth so I ditched that element

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    Thanks for the picture! So the chinn is used for opening the jaw...very interesting! Is it difficult to attach the hair? I have no idea how to manage that so it looks cool. The whole hair thing ist what keeps me away from bulding Chewie.
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    TK50175. Thanks again for the kind words. The hair is either latch hooked on or siliconed in place. I have created a fb blog to document elements of my build if you interested in browsing. There is a lot of additonal stuff on there but if you scroll down you'll see the build posts :)
    Ronin's Chewbacca
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    Thank you! Yout WIP on Facebook is very inspiring! The more I read the more I can imagine to build one. The same with took me some time reading but then everything seemed to be clear and I just did it.
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