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    Snaps For Armour Attachment

    Hey guys, Now I know a lot of you use snaps etc but can you tell me where you get them from? Found some here in the UK but they seem really crappy and don’t really snap good and requires a lot of effort to snap them together. Thanks
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    My Mando Bounty Hunter

    Hey Guys, Thought I’d share my take on a Mandalorian, I’m going for an Aerial Assault Mando hence some of my little touches to my helmet that are military (Air) related. Tell me what you think?
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    New Bounty Hunter Reporting For Duty

    Hey guys that is for the welcomes. I know what you mean, it’s killing me waiting for these last few parts to come in. Itching to start trooping for the dark side rather than Zordon or the Avengers.
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    The Force Forum Dealings

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone on here has had any dealings with The Force Forum? Bought a few things and the customer service is lacking or non-existent. Trying to get updates is like getting blood from a stone.
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    Master Replicas Fett Helmet

    Hi Tfett40, I was looking at the ROTJ Fett to cosplay. I didn’t realise the MR Helmet was from ESB as I was always told MR modelled both from ROTJ. Now that I have been educated I will take your advice and just display them both for what they are and look to get a ROTJ Helmet that is accepted...
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    Master Replicas Fett Helmet

    Hey all, Question to those that have the MR Helmet, what’s the view picture like when wearing it? Is it practical to wear and will I be able to adequately see through it while trooping as I’ve read mixed reviews? Thanks
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    Gloves & Boot Spikes

    Hi guys another question lol. I’ve sourced everything else bar the Gloves and Boot Spikes. 1. Was there a specific type of glove used for the Fett? 2. Where can I get the Boot Spikes from?
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    Master Replicas E33 Blaster

    Thanks guys really appreciated, contacted Hypergirm last night and they are doing another run of the Blaster in 6 weeks so will grab one then.
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    Master Replicas E33 Blaster

    Hi all, Well my Master Replicas E33 Blaster arrived a few days ago and first impressions were wow wow wow and then omg omg omg with the weight. I was originally thinking of trooping with it prior to it’s arrival, however that now seems impractical given the weight and having to carry it for...
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    Cummerbund Looking Thing

    Hi all, I’m putting together the list of things that I need to complete my Boba Fett ensemble. What is the cummerbund looking thing that sits beneath the leather pouches but over the cod piece? It looks to be made of rope but I’m struggling to find details anywhere on the wider web. Any...
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    New Bounty Hunter Reporting For Duty

    Hello all, I’m Liam and I’ve taken the first steps in my Boba Fett build by purchasing the Master Replicas Helmet & Blaster. This is not my first stab at cosplay, for the last four years I’ve displayed as the Green Ranger and Hawkeye. I have a military background which helps with how I...