New Bounty Hunter Reporting For Duty


New Hunter
Hello all,

I’m Liam and I’ve taken the first steps in my Boba Fett build by purchasing the Master Replicas Helmet & Blaster.

This is not my first stab at cosplay, for the last four years I’ve displayed as the Green Ranger and Hawkeye.

I have a military background which helps with how I display myself. 15 years in the Royal Air Force and multiple deployments to Afghanistan have helped mould my character and understand how bounty hunters / mercenaries operate.

I look forward to trooping with you all soon.


Jr Hunter
Welcome to the struggle...
ESB Boba Fett Work in Progress here that started back in February.
Have a good amount of gear in but to me the best parts - helmet, jetpack, armor, gauntlets, EE3 blaster are still in limbo from vendors..
Once I get those I think I will feel like its finally a realistic worthwhile process... for now it feels like I hit a brick wall.
Patience is the key as I am learning.. and researching.
Good Luck


New Hunter
Hey guys that is for the welcomes.

I know what you mean, it’s killing me waiting for these last few parts to come in.

Itching to start trooping for the dark side rather than Zordon or the Avengers.