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    Oct 23, 2012, 12:07 PM - Johnnys first mando armor (planing stage) #1

    alright guess its proper for an introduction, hey im Johnny and im from Finland :P

    well as off late i have begun planing to make an jango style armor set, but due to my current job situation im limited to planing, atlest for a little while longer.
    i also have a few unanswered question on the suit build itself but i have goten alot of information off this site so i thank you all.

    Helmet: i have downloaded the helmet template wich i will atempt doing whit cardbord or thicker paper and then use fiberglas, reisin and bondo (or similar depending on what i find in the hardware stores) and for the visor im sorta stuck at, either i will atempt at finding a colored grinders visor (the colored beeing a bit tricky to find cause most are just clear) or order a pice of colored plexiglass (wich im not 100% sure of how well you can see through have anyone tried this?)

    Shoulder pads: i was thinking of doing the type that was fetured in SWG's mando armor if anyone know how those looked.

    Vest: to fit chest plates, backplates and shoulder plates on. i was thinking of buying about 2 meters of fake leather and cut out the vest from and just use Velcro to attach the armor pices to the vest (how well will that work?)

    jumpsuit/coverall: figured i would only buy an coverall if i can find one that dont have a million pockets on and again use Velcro to attach the armor pices on it. alternative have a seamstress make me a custom one whitoutpockets and that fits like a glove. (depending on what it would cost me that is)

    Boots: either i would buy a pair of leather boots whit a high neck or just army boots wich i would cover in armor plates again whit Velcro (knowing that the boots would only be worn whit the mando armor)

    mantle/kama thick heavy pice of cloth, what im wondering about here is how to weather it so it actualy looks good, not only light the cloth on fire and hope for the best, so if anyone have a good tutorial it would be apriciated.

    Gauntlets, PvC pipe to make custom gauntlets.

    material to use for armor plates, tried to find an suplier on the web for Sintra, didnt find on in Finland but i found supliers for Forex (foam PvC) so if anyone have worked whit Forex could tell me how that went? and give me some pointers. also gona check whit local hardware stores and see if they can order in some sintra or forex before i order off the web. and for forming the pices i got the impression that a hot air gun would do the trick. (hot air gun might be the wrong translation not sure^^) edit. was thinking of useing 5 or 6 mm in thickness

    now to what im truly stuck at, color scheme and how to make a proper weapon. i dont have the head for either of em. especialy the color scheme was thinking somewhere along the line of Black jumpsuit, whit dark red armor pices and some grey mixed in for good mesure, or "metal" colored armor pices whit blood stains, bloody handprint on it, but how to sort it out is a bit hard when i suck att drawing and havent got a clue how to use photoshop and similar programs and well lets just face it, it looks like **** in Windows paint anyway^^

    and weapon well i dunno if its just that i can decide on what type of weapon or how to actualy make one that looks decent.

    Thoughts? ideas? sugestions?
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    Nov 3, 2012, 2:21 PM - Re: Johnnys first mando armor (planing stage) #2

    alright time for a little update i think, thing is im still stuck on a boat for the better part of november but in december and over christmas i will start manufacturing my armor

    as on planing ive made some progress, i finaly desided on makeing a all black suit possibly having a red or silver visor^^ i have also decided on to try to make custom fakeleather gunbelt whit holsters whit leather stripers running from the belt accross the chest and back (sorta like military "parade" uniform belt only instead of 1 belt its 2 making an X accross my chest if that makes it any clearer) also i got an idea for weapons since most of the weapons fetured in ep 4-6 was modified real world weapon like Solo's DL-44 was based on a Mauser C96 and the E11 was a Sterling submachine gun, ive desided to try to go even more back in time for inspiration like the Flintlock pistols of the 16-17th century, add a scope and mag and get rid of the flint hammer and woops i got a somewhat sci fi weapon, i will make it out of wood and PvC pipe but if i deside to paint it or stain it depends on what type of wood i end up getting, might just go for a stroll in the woods and find a nice curved pice of branch that could work :P

    i have goten all of this down on paper and made some drawings unfortunaly i dont have a scanner here on the boat so i cant show em to ya :/

    im also toying whit an idea for a custom helmet (non boba or jango style) but we will see how that plays out in reality
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    Nov 4, 2012, 7:39 AM - Re: Johnnys first mando armor (planing stage) #3


    62 euro boots check :P

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